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8 Ways to Save Time (and Money) in Your Business

We all look for ways to save time, business owners and non-owners alike. Every moment spent on admin or fixing mistakes is time that could be spent on business-building work.

When time really is money, it is worth finding ways to reduce those tedious and repetitive tasks – and effective use of technology is the answer.

  1. Better billing – Billing can be a huge time-waster. If you use a digital accounting system to extract data from supplier emails and auto-populate invoices you can save hours each week.
  2. Streamline expense claims – Use a digital solution to automate the expense claims process, and your team saves time submitting receipts, approving expenses and dealing with mistakes.
  3. Reduce human error – Manual data entry is fraught with errors. Eliminate the issues by automating key admin tasks, and spend more time on data analysis, not data entry.
  4. Automate approvals – Streamline bank reconciliation with an automated tool, so you don’t waste time manually approving individual transactions.
  5. Quicker invoicing – Invoices and late payments take up a huge amount of time. With an automated invoicing platform, that time is reduced significantly – and manual follow-ups for late payment are eliminated.
  6. Payroll perfection – Use your accounting software to upload staff details and calculate tax contributions. You will not only save significant chunks of time, but you’ll avoid mistakes.
  7. Quick, accurate taxes – Digitising the tax process can make a real difference. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, receipts and physical documents, everything is accessible through your software.
  8. Better access to business data – With smart software, you get accurate business data wherever you are. No more going back to the office to check a number, getting back to clients with final details, or reworking quotes because the numbers were wrong.

If you want to save time in your business, we can help set you up with the software to make it simple.

Graham Burfield
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