Business Advisory

We’ll show you the path and guide you along it.

Caring Advice & Assistance

Do you need help achieving your business goals?

Running a business is tough. Achieving the objectives you have set yourself is even tougher. That’s why it’s essential to have someone with the expertise to map out your goals, and set you on a path towards achieving them.

Get clarity and confidence in your direction

Once we understand everything about you, your business and your goals, we can give you the right guidance to help you succeed. We will give you a clear picture of where you are now, what you need to do to achieve your objectives, and identify what is standing in the way. We will also discuss what we can do to help.

Understand what your numbers are telling you

Your numbers are the key that unlocks your path to success. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a numbers person, because we are. We will focus in on the story your numbers are telling, so that we can help you make informed decisions about what needs to change.

Just some of the advisory services we offer:

Here’s how we do it


Understand your business and goals
We learn all about you and your business: what it looks like now and what you want it to look like in the future.


Identify your position
We look at the story behind your numbers to identify how your business is really going and what numbers need to change.


Plan your path forward

We plan your pathway to make the changes needed, and identify where we can help.

What can you expect?

When you work with us, you’ll get a supportive and proactive partner in your success. We’re friendly, down to earth and completely committed to seeing passionate businesses thrive.

We’ve helped numerous small businesses realise their potential…will you be next?

"Graham has given us the clarity to define where we’re going and the confidence to stay on track."

“His compassionate approach has made it much easier to work through challenging times; he always has my back.”

Do you need someone to partner you in your business journey?