How to Say No If You’re a Yes Person!

Are you a yes person? Even when you’re snowed under with work, family, and life admin, do you find yourself saying yes to things you don’t really have time or head-space for? The downside of being a yes person: You can enable others to develop a dependency on you You may be susceptible to people […]

Introducing remote working?

According to a study by serviced office provider IWG , 70% of professionals work remotely at least once a week. Remote working has become more and more common as developments in technology have allowed us to communicate and collaborate no matter where we are. In fact, most of us are already logging on from home […]

Want More Money, More Time or Less Stress?

We believe our clients all deserve the three freedoms: Financial Freedom; Time Freedom; and Mind Freedom. In other words, more money and time to spend on important things outside of their business, along with less stress. Is your business stifling your freedom? Being in business is tough. At times, you might be worried about whether […]

Be, Do, Have

Our success in life is largely dependent on our mindset. If you wait until conditions are perfect you are unlikely to achieve your goals, as you will always be waiting for the right time, and will never take that important first step. Getting the following three words in the right order will heavily influence the […]

P is for purpose, not profit

Why does your business exist? Your purpose is roughly three to seven words explaining why your business exists for your customers. Your purpose should be about THEM, not you. It is a small statement, with immense power. EXAMPLES: Tesla: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Walt Disney: To make people happy. TED: Spread […]