What Do You Want from Your Business?

When you started your business, you probably dreamed about flexible hours and highly profitable, stimulating work. Ideally, you would have adopted best practice and documented those dreams in a succinct Business Plan. The plan would specify how much cash you need from the business, your role, and the hours you would be working. In other […]

Welcome to 2021!

What a year 2020 was… none of us saw that coming! We hope you had a well-deserved, relaxing break! While there’s a lot of uncertainty about what 2021 will bring, we can take our 2020 learnings and plan for a better 2021. We’re all relieved to see the end of 2020, but before we completely […]

Leadership Lessons – JUST FOR ME

There are thousands of books written about leadership. We have distilled some lessons from some of them into the acronym JUST FOR ME – nine things within your control to help you become a more effective leader. Just do it. So often we get in our own way of implementing our ideas. Stop limiting the […]

Your Business Recovery Plan

As businesses emerge from Covid-19 restrictions, for many ‘Business as Usual’ has become ‘Business Unusual’. So, how do we navigate our way towards a sustainable new normal? During lockdown, we focused on crisis management, activating relevant Government support packages and doing our best to build cash war chests. Now we enter the recovery phase on […]

Addressing Performance Niggles in Your Team

Performance niggles often fall into one of the following categories: Attitude, Skill, Knowledge, or Support. This is also known as The Performance Matrix. It’s up to us as leaders to develop an individual’s knowledge through training, coaching and systems, and to support our team as they undertake their work, especially at the beginning of their […]

Start Your Year Off in The Performance Zone

Getting back into work after a break can be hard. You might be struggling to get back into your routine and engage your brain in work. Or, perhaps you spent time setting your goals and planning your year and you’re full speed raring to go. There is, however, an optimum approach somewhere between these two […]

Be, Do, Have

Our success in life is largely dependent on our mindset. If you wait until conditions are perfect you are unlikely to achieve your goals, as you will always be waiting for the right time, and will never take that important first step. Getting the following three words in the right order will heavily influence the […]

P is for purpose, not profit

Why does your business exist? Your purpose is roughly three to seven words explaining why your business exists for your customers. Your purpose should be about THEM, not you. It is a small statement, with immense power. EXAMPLES: Tesla: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Walt Disney: To make people happy. TED: Spread […]