Finding and retaining the key talent for your business

The job market has been through plenty of ups and downs in recent years. But in 2024, the real challenge is attracting and retaining the top talent you need to grow your business. Finding the skilled employees, you need, and keeping them in the business, is vital for driving innovation and growth over the coming […]

Do you know the rules and entitlements during the end-of-year holiday season?

As we head into the summer holiday period, is your business up to speed with your rights and obligations? It can be confusing to employers and employees alike – public holidays worked or taken as annual leave, business shutdowns, annual leave provisions… there are many rules’ employers need to understand. Employees are entitled to annual […]

Is there such a thing as over-automation? The need for a human touch

Automating your key systems is the way to turn your enterprise into a 21st century digital business. But are we getting carried away with automation? And could we be systemising areas which could benefit from a more personalised, human touch? Personalisation of the customer experience is vital. Automation can play a big part in creating […]

How to handle temporary shutdowns

Many Australian businesses temporarily shut down at some point during the year, commonly over the Christmas-New Years period. With a bit of preparation and know-how, employers can manage the annual shutdown seamlessly and lawfully. For most of us, the lead up to Christmas is a hectic time. Work and personal commitments can escalate in the […]

Why accurate leave management is so important

Taking a relaxed approach to leave management can put your business at risk of making costly errors. When it comes to managing and recording employee leave, it might be easy to take the “she’ll be right” approach. But there are some really good reasons why you should diligently manage, track, and pay leave. Proper leave […]

How much should you pay yourself?

Being the boss means you get to make all the big decisions about your business – including how much to pay yourself in wages, salary, or drawings. As the owner, you might need to underpay yourself in the early stages of building your business, so you can reinvest the profits. But your time is valuable […]

What makes you a good entrepreneur?

Do you dream about starting your own business? And can anyone become an entrepreneur? When you look at the research, there are certain aptitudes, personality traits and business skills that tend to make you a more successful entrepreneur. But can you learn these skills? Or are these innate abilities that some entrepreneurial people are just […]

How humour can increase your bottom line

You want to be taken seriously as a business, right? But did you know that many customers and consumers actually want you to give them a laugh as well? 91% of people globally prefer brands to be funny, but 95% of business leaders fear using humour in consumer interactions. So, how do you overcome the […]

Take care of yourself, not just your business

Being a business owner can be stressful. When the buck stops with you, it can be easy to let the pressure mount up and to discount your own wellbeing. But taking care of your own mental health is equally as important as taking care of the business – research from MYOB showed that 53% of […]

Could outsourcing help you grow your business?

When you run a small business, the amount of work can ebb and flow. Unexpected busy periods can often create too much work and stress; overloading a small team or one-person business. But if a surge is seasonal or unreliable, it can be hard to commit to taking on another employee. One solution that many […]