Are You Telling the Right Customer Stories?

With so many different marketing and sales channels to pursue in the digital world, it’s easy to think that your prospects and target customers know exactly what your business does. However, you need to consider whether you are getting the right messaging out there, and whether you are using the right channels to talk about […]

How Good Is Your After-Sales Service?

When someone has just bought from you, that’s a golden opportunity to start building a customer relationship. Take advantage of being top-of-mind and see where it can take you – and ensure you are offering the best after-sales service to this brand-new customer. Thanking someone for a purchase is usually the start of a cadence of […]

Selling with Empathy

Everyone has been affected by Covid-19 and lockdown. Some people are worried about job security and spending cash. Others have the cash they would usually spend on overseas holidays available to spend locally. To recover from such a major economic downturn, we need to increase our business activity and sales. So, how do we do […]

Establishing Your Competitive Advantage

Why do customers buy from you? Knowing what it is that makes someone choose your products and/or service over your closest competitor is critical business information. Understanding this ‘competitive advantage’ is an important part of making your business stand out in the marketplace. Establishing your competitive advantage will help you create a compelling marketing message […]

Strategic Alliance – the Benefits of Working Together

Your business may compete head-to-head with a number of other companies, but this doesn’t mean you have to treat ALL other businesses as if they are the competition. In fact, there are real benefits in creating strategic alliances with other like-minded organisations. When you look at the wider marketplace, you will see that there are […]

Setting Sales Targets

Setting sales targets for your business is standard practice for any aspirational, growing company. If you’re going to stretch the sales and marketing teams, it’s important to have clear, unambiguous targets for them to aim for. But what happens when a crisis hits? In uncertain times it’s more than likely that your pre-crisis sales targets […]

Understanding Your Revenue Drivers

It may sound obvious, but for your business to make money, you need to generate revenue. You produce revenue through your usual business activity, by making sales, getting your invoices paid, or taking cash from paying customers. So, the better you are at selling your products/services and bringing money into the business, the higher your […]

Raving Fans are like Business Ambassadors

Do you want to win new customers? Make sure you start by looking after the ones you ready have. Studies show that the longer your customers stay, the more they’ll spend with you. Happy customers = loyal customers = boosted bottom line The term ‘raving fans’ relates to a passionate subset (usually about 10-15%) of […]

How to Handle Bad Reviews About Your Business

When was the last time you made a purchasing decision based on positive customer reviews? Most of us can remember when we decided NOT to buy something based on negative reviews. It works both ways. Online reviews have become the new go-to on social and they have tremendous power when it comes to influencing decision-making […]

How Do You Invoice During A Crisis?

It’s not easy to request payment right now, but it is important to keep cash flowing into your business so you can cover expenses and meet your obligations to others. As with all business dealings right now, a little empathy and a lot of open communication can go a long way. The following tips might […]