Mastering the Art of Humor in Marketing and Brand Identity

In the world of branding, professionalism, trustworthiness, and competence are paramount. However, there’s a growing acknowledgment of the power of humor in marketing, communications, and shaping a brand’s identity. Are we suggesting businesses should start cracking jokes in their marketing strategies? Absolutely. In fact, humor isn’t just a suggestion; it’s backed by the latest consumer […]

Mastering the art of networking: strategies to excel in building connections

Running a business can be challenging, but the journey doesn’t have to be solitary. Whether you’re a founder, owner-manager, or CEO, navigating the entrepreneurial path is made easier through networking with peers, fostering connections, and uncovering new business prospects. Enhancing your networking prowess involves becoming an integral part of the broader business community. It’s not […]

Meeting the environmental expectations of your customers

As environmental consciousness rises, small businesses in 2024 face increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint. But going green means being able to balance your desire to run a sustainable, environmentally conscious business with the pressing need to remain economically and strategically viable. Meeting the environmental expectations of your core customer […]

Knowing the difference between ‘responding’ and ‘reacting’ in marketing

Marketing moves fast, especially in the digital arena, where the latest trend, app or meme can suddenly become the flavour of the day. But is it always best to jump on the latest bandwagon? When you’re coming up with strategies and tactics for marketing your business, it’s important to know the difference between responding to […]

Can an AI assistant streamline your business?

A business AI assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered software tool that’s designed to support and enhance different areas of your business administration and management. These AI assistants (sometimes known as virtual assistants or chatbots) use natural language processing (NLP), machine learning and automation to interact with you, your team, and your customers. They can give […]

Is there such a thing as over-automation? The need for a human touch

Automating your key systems is the way to turn your enterprise into a 21st century digital business. But are we getting carried away with automation? And could we be systemising areas which could benefit from a more personalised, human touch? Personalisation of the customer experience is vital. Automation can play a big part in creating […]

Your action plan for market readiness

If you plan to sell your business, give yourself a reasonable timeframe to bring your business into full market readiness. Set targets to improve performance and minimise risk. Call us to help you with your action plan.

Taking care of data regulation and ticking the right compliance boxes

Your business faces an increasingly complex regulatory landscape when it comes to data privacy, consumer protection and industry-specific compliance requirements. Keeping on top of these compliance requirements is a complex task. Failing to meet your requirements can have serious implications, with non-compliance (whether intentional or accidental) resulting in legal repercussions and possible reputational damage for […]

How to get original with your marketing (without breaking the bank)

The success of your business depends greatly on the success of your marketing. Getting your key messages, product features and brand identity out into your industry market helps to drive engagement and sales – but we don’t all have millions to invest in this marketing. So, how do you come up with innovative marketing on […]

10 hot questions to ask yourself as a business owner

Running a busy and successful business means you often don’t have the time to step back and work ON the business. This can be a challenge if your aim is to grow and scale the company. As experienced professional business advisers, we know the value of taking the time to ask yourself some pertinent questions. […]