Are You Suffering from Business Burnout?

The last two years have been demanding and exhausting for many business owners. Are you one of them? The challenges have been relentless, and we know many small business owners have had to navigate unprecedented demands because of the pandemic and related government regulations. Burnout results from long-term stress and can manifest in emotional and […]

Seven Unspoken Rules for Working from a Cafe

Whether it’s the hustle-bustle, the creativity it inspires, or its lack of household distractions, the ‘coffice’ is rapidly becoming a top choice for flexible workers looking to escape the monotony and isolation of working from home. But just like any work environment, there are house rules. Keep up your rent – don’t sit for five […]

Would you like to be paid faster? Try these tips

Xero’s Small Business surveys show that almost half of invoices are paid late. Late payments are one of the most frustrating things a business can face. Here are 6 tips to get paid faster. Review and adjust your payment terms and pricing – Think about how much time you give customers to pay you – can […]

Is Your Business Ready for Hybrid Working?

The Covid pandemic has changed the way we work and ushered in a new era of hybrid working – but is your business ready and able to offer this mix of on-site, off-site and remote working? When businesses were forced to close down their physical offices and workspaces, this brought technology to the fore. We […]

8 Ways to Save Time (and Money) in Your Business

We all look for ways to save time, business owners and non-owners alike. Every moment spent on admin or fixing mistakes is time that could be spent on business-building work. When time really is money, it is worth finding ways to reduce those tedious and repetitive tasks – and effective use of technology is the […]

Business Sustainability in Uncertain Times

“Focus on becoming sustainable through a period of uncertain weakness, and building flexibility to respond quickly when your particular sustained upturn comes along.” Tony Alexander, Former BNZ chief economist. Tony’s View 16 April 2020 For business owners, it is hard to predict when things will return to normal. Even when lockdown measures ease, there is […]