Success Story

How we helped Heath build Dyno Electric from the ground up

When Heath founded Dyno Electric in 2009, he needed more than just a tax accountant.

He needed someone with the dedication and industry knowledge to partner him as he established and grew his business.

We were proud to do just that for Heath, as we worked with him from inception, though numerous growth challenges, to the thriving business that Dyno is today.

Dyno Electric

How we helped.

Heath was looking for an accountant, but he got so much more.

Heath was originally looking for a reliable and experienced accountant, but he quickly realised Burfield & Associates were far more than that.

“Graham and his team have helped us with everything from BAS and PAYG to setting up the structure of business. They have helped deal with hard times and advised us on major spending and capital decisions.”

An invaluable guide

Heath credits Burfield & Associates with helping his business get through tough times.

“In times that money has been tight or businesses haven’t paid us, Graham has always been able to look at our figures objectively and give us informed decisions. He’s ultimately helped our bottom line stay as black as possible.

A partner in the business

Heath appreciates the fact that he can rely on Graham for anything related to the financial side of Dyno Electric.

“As a business owner you can’t be expected to know everything yourself. It’s certainly reassuring to have Graham as a resource to rely on; almost as much as a business partner.”

Not your typical accountant…

“Most accountants live in their own accounting world, but Graham is super personable. Whenever we need him he’s there for us, and always with our best interests at heart. You’ll always get a smile when you talk to Graham.”
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