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Seven Unspoken Rules for Working from a Cafe

Whether it’s the hustle-bustle, the creativity it inspires, or its lack of household distractions, the ‘coffice’ is rapidly becoming a top choice for flexible workers looking to escape the monotony and isolation of working from home.

But just like any work environment, there are house rules.

  1. Keep up your rent – don’t sit for five hours and buy one flat white, the rule of thumb is one (item) per hour.
  2. Take up as little space as you can. Avoid large tables and if that’s your only option, leave room for someone else to share your table.
  3. Avoid taking a phone call unless you expect it to last under a minute
  4. Listen to music or videos on your laptop with earphones.
  5. Politely offer to move if it gets busy during the breakfast or lunchtime rush.
  6. Stay no longer than four hours (the universal limit for coffice working).
  7. Come prepared but travel light – charge up your laptop, bring your wallet, pens, and paper but leave unnecessary stuff at home or in the car.

And remember, there are risks involved in using public wifi. Make sure you have taken steps to protect your valuable information from hackers. Minimise the risk by following these simple steps.

Graham Burfield
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