Planning for Seasonal Dips in Income

Seasonal dips in income can be highly challenging when you’re a small business. But there are proactive ways to predict, plan for and overcome these dips in revenue. The key to dealing with seasonal dips is to know when they’re most likely to occur, and to have measures in place to spread your income and […]

P is for purpose, not profit

Why does your business exist? Your purpose is roughly three to seven words explaining why your business exists for your customers. Your purpose should be about THEM, not you. It is a small statement, with immense power. EXAMPLES: Tesla: To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Walt Disney: To make people happy. TED: Spread […]

Delighting Your Customers for Better Referrals

The most simple and cost-effective way to grow your business is so often overlooked; happy customers become your strongest advocates. They talk to their friends, family, and associates and refer business to you. Here are 10 ways to delight your customers: Meet with your customers more often and take a genuine interest in how they’re […]

Happy Customers, Happy Bottom Line

“Loyalty is when people are willing to turn down a better product or price to continue doing business with you”. That’s a great quote from Simon Sinek. Write it on a post-it or somewhere visible to remind yourself through your journey. If customers are unhappy, they’ll leave you for one of your competitors. If they’ve […]

What’s your unique selling point?

Making your business stand out in a crowded market can be a challenge, but differentiating your business will be key to attracting the right customers and giving them a reason to choose you over a competitor. That’s why it’s important to identify your unique selling point (USP), so you have a differentiator to communicate in […]